Why now is the time to visit Saigon

With the school holidays now out the way, flights to locations further afield are a bit cheaper, so heading to Vietnam now is practically perfect. It’s dry season so the weather won’t ruin your trip, whilst there are many hotels in the city where you can grab a bargain. In Saigon, which is also now called Hoi Chin Minh City, you can enjoy the many museums, eat local Vietnamese food, browse the many shops and take a boat ride to get a much nicer viewpoint. Saigon has a lot of history, but the culture is rich, the people are friendly and the prices are very cheap, especially considering the fact that it’s very much a booming city. There are many western businesses setting up shop in Saigon and the city has changed considerably, but there’s such an interesting mix of people, but the local traditions still ring true. One piece of advice if you do decide to visit Saigon:  do not get a moped, the roads are so dangerous.