What Type of Boat Is Best For Me?

There are many different types of boats out there when you are looking to purchase or hire. It can be extremely difficult to decide which boat will work best for you and your family and friends. Today, we are going to discuss the different types of boats and their uses. Helping you to decide what type of boat will work best for you.

Canal Boat / Narrow Boat
This type of boat is generally perfect for families that want to go on canal holidays or live on the canal. Like their name suggests they are long and narrow. This makes them not very spacious for large families. But they are perfect for smaller families.

These are a more upper-class form of a boat for travel. People again use these generally for holidays or boat parties. These can range in size from small to very large with multiple levels. That makes these the perfect option for families of any size as you can pick and choose a yacht to suit your budget. They can be more expensive due to their luxury features.

Rowing Boat
Another, lower costing form of boat is a rowing boat. These are not suitable for families that wish to go on long holidays but are suitable for day trips. They are a much smaller type of boat, meaning they do not have much room or storage. There is also no toilet on board, or protection from the weather so you will need to come prepared for every occasion.

Speed Boat
Similar to the rowing boat, a speed boat is only suitable for day trips. With them not having many resources for you to use. These are a more popular option for day trips due to the speed you can reach your destination and the less effort needed.