Upgrading your upholstery on your boats seating

If your boats seating is looking old and over used, you may want to consider getting them re-upholstered. Revamping your seating is a great way to improve the look of your boats interior and may lead to a complete interior redesign.

When it comes to reupholstering your boats seating you have the option of selecting the material. It is recommended that you select a durable material that will not ware over time. Leather can be a popular option and is extremely easy to clean, however it can be a little cold to sit on in the winter and a bit sticky during the summer.

You may want to consider a plain material rather than a bold pattern, as you then have a wider option for the rest of your boats interior design. Some patterned seating may limit you to using only certain colours to avoid clashing. It is important to hire a professional to re-upholster your boats seating to make sure a good quality job is done.

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