Top reasons to visit the Algarve

Booking your holiday used to be a long and lengthy affair. In days gone by you would need to spend a considerable amount of time browsing through the many brochures and then even longer in your local travel agents premises before it was all booked! That is changing now though with the Internet’s ever-increasing popularity and ease of use. There are many bargain holidays available online, one of which you should consider is to the Algarve. Here are a few top reasons to visit the Algarve.

  1. Incredible Food.

Eating out in the local restaurants is one of the simple joys of a cheap holiday package in the Algarve. The meals are generally lower in price than in the UK, typically £8-£10 each, for a nice meal with wine. You should expect to eat a lot of local ingredients, high quality, fresh fish and shellfish on the seacoast. Inland, you will tend to find more of the local farm produce, chicken, pork and seasonal vegetables. For those who would prefer to stick with English food, there are a few tourist establishments that will cater for you, so you can still enjoy your cheap Algarve holiday.

  1. Enchanting Culture.

Bullfighting is one of the more colourful local events. For those who prefer a different type of diversion, there are various festivals, depending on the season, connected with music, art or wine. There are plenty of charming local museums and art galleries to interest you in the Algarve’s history during your holiday. Even if you simply want peace and relaxation, there’s Balaia Holiday Village which is beautiful, quaint and superb for lovers of golf! This is not too far from Albufera so if you ever want to head to the beaches or book a day in a spa, it’s easy to do so, whilst you can always spend the evening watching the sun come down with a glass of wine. That really is the perfect end to the day in our eyes!

  1. Diverse Nightlife.

Whatever your preference for nightlife, you can be sure to find modern or traditional entertainment that suits you. If you like bars or nightclubs, you will find a large range to explore and enjoy well into the night, especially in Albufeira, the Algarve’s answer to Ibiza and Majorca. Albufeira has become a very fashionable nightspot with tourists.

Your other option is to have a relaxing evening, perhaps a pleasant meal of seafood in the open air and listening to some traditional Fado music or an hour or two of dancing in one of the local bars or a quiet stroll along the seafront looking at the local sights.

There is a lot more to entertain you on a Bargain Algarve holiday than we have seen here. You should book a package and see for yourself.