Reasons to consider a cruise holiday

If you’ve never been on a cruise holiday it’s normal to be sceptical about the idea. There are many reasons why people choose cruise holidays, not only do you get to see more and do more, you get exceptional service, great food and stunning views. There’s a few more reason why you’ll want to consider a cruise holiday though and here‘s a couple:

It’s unlikely you’ll get seasick

Thanks to modern-day technologies and stabilisers flanking the hull make it very unlikely that you will lose more than a couple of days to seasickness on board a mid-size or resort ship.

It’s not as small as you think

The largest cruise ship is four football pitches long. I’m sure you can visualise 4 pitches one after the other in a long line, it’s the size of a park!

It’s relaxing

Nothing is quite as relaxing as a cruise holiday. When you’re travelling you don’t feel the need for excursions, you can simply relax with a book by the pool and not feel guilty for one second.