Laser sailing boat – perfect for intermediate sailors

Sailing has become a popular option for many outdoor enthusiasts because it allows ones to harness the power of wind to move a boat in a particular direction. The number of models, sizes, colours and additional extra’s drastically varies from sailing boat to sailing boat but the one that we shall reflect on today is the Laser.

The Laser is a single sailed boat, with a pointed hull which can achieve a plane. Generally this type of boat is perfect for intermediate sailors as it is generally the boat most people take step from onto larger yachts. As with all Laser’s you have the option of being able to select a variety of sail sizes, weights and colours, especially when sailors want to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Most people before they move onto the Laser sailing boat would’ve tried out a topper or even an optimist, two lower-end models which are used in a stepping stone like manner.