How To Get Into Yachting With No Experience

Yachts always hire people with no experience in yachting. The entry-level positions which offer new crew the best opportunity to learn the ropes in yachting are a junior deckhand, stewardess, steward, or cook. The key to finding your first position onboard is preparation.

There’s a lot of competition for the rookie jobs on yachts. Begin your job search by identifying what skills you have that would be useful on a yacht. Assess your present skills and experience to focus on the characteristics that apply to the job you are targeting. Applicants with professional hospitality experience and training, at a hotel, resort, cruise ship, estate, or restaurant, are at an advantage straight away in entering yachting. Holding speciality skills is also a means to enter the industry, such as masseuse, au pair, fishing guide, engineer, kite surfing instructor, pianist or helicopter pilot. You may just hold the skill that a captain needs to supplement his crew.