Dinghy Sailing – examples of the type of boats available

Dinghy sailing is a great example of water travel that is readily available to the majority of the UK population in that most people are not that far from the sea, a lake, a river or a reservoir. A wide range of dinghy sizes are available for virtually all ages. Most youngsters would start their sailing experience around the age of six in what looks like a bathtub – an Optimist. This sturdy little boat is very stable and boasts one of the biggest fleets in the country. Depending on size and weight the next popular dinghy is the Topper although the choice of boats starts to increase significantly and other examples include the RS Tera, RS Feva, Pico and the old favourites the Mirror as examples. Once the middle teenage years have been reached then the range of dinghies available mushrooms with the possibilities including the ever popular Laser, Solo, Streaker, OK, Phantom and double handers such as the 420, RS200, Enterprise, GP14, Merlin Rocket, Scorpion, Lark, National 12, Wayfarer to name but a few. New boats can seem expensive but with a good second hand market there is always a boat available in the price range you have.