Best ways to avoid seasickness

If you have a water sport holiday or even a short boating trip, you could be the victim of seasickness. Although in some cases it is unavoidable, there are some things you can do to help prevent this from occurring.

While sailing, you should always keep your head up and look at the horizon, looking down at one spot confuses your brain, as your vision is telling your brain you are still, while your ear balance is moving all over the place.

Take some anti-emetics, drugs tend to work pretty well for seasickness. Buy some anti-sickness medications from your local pharmacy before you travel, take them as a precaution and don’t wait to feel sick before you take them.

Try wearing an anti-nausea band, these bracelets have balls on which applies pressure to certain acupressure points on your wrist. These don’t work for everyone, so try these in combination with other methods.

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