Non-slip Deck Covering

A non-slip deck covering can be really important in terms of safety and many boaters opt to install it, especially during the rainy periods. It may not look impressive, but it’s comfy to stand on and you’ll always be guaranteed a good amount of grip when you’re moving around, no matter what pair of shoes you’re wearing.

Non slip deck coverings can also be provided for work surfaces and dashboards so your belongings are not always sliding about, and if you’ve never considered installing it, think again because it’s remarkably cheap and easy to install.

You can decide between different colours, to match the inside and outside of your boat, while you can also choose between different thicknesses and patterns.

Canal Boat B&B’s

Canal boat B&B’s are growing in popularity throughout the UK, and for a number of reasons. Just like with a regular bed and breakfast, you can expect to see high quality customer service, but you get the added benefit of being able to escape from highly populated areas, and the opportunity to travel and visit anywhere you like (provided they’re near a canal).
With a canal boat, you can travel anywhere you like within 50 miles. This means that if you hire a barge in London, which offers a B&B service, you could visit anywhere you like within the South-east. You aren’t limited to a local area when travelling through canals. With most boat B&B’s you don’t just pay for a bed and breakfast, but for the run of the ship. You can direct the boat to any location you like, or even just cruise around aimlessly, enjoying being out on the water.

Should You Buy Your Own Canal Boat

Britain has some of the most extensive canal networks on the face of the planet, and for good reason; we invented the things (except for irrigation canals, the Romans used those). This means that travelling through canals will give you the opportunity to visit most of England, from old market towns, to massive industrial cities. You can experience much of the history of England and its empire by travelling along its causeways.

If you’ve come to realise that this is the case, then you may be considering buying your own barge to travel the length of England. There are certainly some advantages to this option, but it does require a lot of work to get a great experience from it all. You may well decide that sticking to renting rooms in barge B&B’s, or renting an entire boat, are better options, as it will require less work and you’ll have everything sorted out and ready for you to enjoy yourself.

Canal Boats and Tours Through British Canals